Jobs to Move America
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Home to 39 million residents, California is the most populous state in the U.S. and represents the world’s sixth largest economy. Billions of public dollars are spent every year to build roads, buses, bridges, and the public infrastructure that keep the state running. But many workers and communities are not benefiting from these investments.

Jobs to Move America is transforming the way our public dollars are used to generate greater racial, gender, and economic justice. We empower coalitions to win Community Benefits Agreements, create job pipelines, and support local and statewide policy that holds companies with public contracts accountable to the public good.

Together, we will build a society and an economy that works for all: one where our air is clean, our infrastructure is sound, and every job is a good one.

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Climate Smart Ports Act

The legislation would green the country's ports, fight climate change, and create good green jobs.

Resource Types:
  • Climate Justice Policies

BYD Apprenticeship Readiness Training

This pre-apprenticeship program will train people with systemic barriers to employment for clean, union jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Resource Types:
  • Workforce Equity Programs