Jobs to Move America
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Jobs to Move America is a strategic policy center that works to transform public spending and corporate behavior using a comprehensive approach that is rooted in racial and economic justice and community organizing. We seek to advance a fair and prosperous economy with good jobs and healthier communities for all.


Jobs to Move America envisions a nation where all levels of government use the power of public funds to create public good — fostering the conditions for an inclusive democracy, equitable economy, and healthy environment that works for all communities.

We seek a just, clean, and worker-centered economy in which corporations are responsible for the impact of their actions.  We believe that workers should hold power and space within the economy to shape its growth and direction amidst rapidly evolving conditions.



We must build power to reshape our government and economy to grow strong communities. This requires us to address historic and structural injustices that have left millions of people behind and hindered communities of color, low-income people, and other marginalized groups from sharing in the benefits of a prosperous economy. The need for racial, economic, environmental, and gender justice is a core value in our commitment to strengthening workers’ voices and building thriving communities and an equitable economy.

Equity and inclusion

We are committed to uplifting marginalized voices by fostering racial equity and inclusive leadership, and collaboration in our work.

Democracy and good governance

We believe that government can and should improve people’s lives. Community and worker voices are key to ensuring that government counters climate change, holds corporations accountable, addresses income inequality and expands access to good, clean jobs for all people through its infrastructure investments and economic development spending. A strong and healthy democracy must prioritize the public as the key stakeholder in its work.

Worker empowerment

Jobs to Move America supports effective, democratic workplaces where worker voices are heard and respected. We seek to build worker power and strong bargaining rights to steer reforms in public purchasing and corporate behavior. We believe empowering more workers to negotiate for good wages and benefits is central to raising wages and building a more inclusive economy. We also support expanding investment in workforce training to equip workers with skills that prepare them to obtain quality jobs in an evolving economy and manufacturing sector.

Coalition building

We believe cross-sector collaboration is crucial for collective prosperity. Jobs to Move America strives to build healthy, productive coalitions that include organizations and leaders in labor, civil rights, environmental justice, and the community at-large, to take bold action for community-led transformation. Working collaboratively, we can think and act strategically towards a shared vision for an equitable and expanding economy, stronger worker voice, participatory democracy, and a clean environment.

Transparency and accountability 

Transparency and accountability are the essence of democracy. Government and corporate transparency and accountability are central to our vision of an equitable economy. We believe that government should spend taxpayer dollars responsibly, that public and private employment policies should be ethical and just, and that private actors should commit to or be compelled to and deliver on community benefits agreements.

Leadership development

We believe in developing individuals as leaders to grow their personal capacity to carry out transformative work and to build our collective capacity to solve problems, shape change and produce strong outcomes. We believe in developing front-line leaders within their own communities and workplaces to build power and transform industries. We aim to connect leaders across sectors to foster commitment and action toward our collective goals.