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Jobs to Move America supports the Climate Smart Ports Act, introduced by Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán in May 2020, which would green the country’s ports and reduce toxic pollution that severely harms the health of people in port communities. The legislation would invest in zero-emissions technology and infrastructure, protect dockworkers, fight climate change, address a source of environmental injustice, and create good-paying green jobs.

The Climate Smart Ports Act would create a $1 billion-a-year zero-emissions ports infrastructure program to assist ports and port users with the following:

  • Replacing diesel-burning cargo handling equipment, port harbor craft, drayage trucks, and other equipment with zero emissions equipment and technology;
  • Funding the installation of shore power for docked ships, and electric charging stations for vehicles and cargo equipment;
  • Developing clean energy micro-grids onsite at the ports to power their facilities;
  • Authorizing an additional $50 million a year for the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, specifically for reducing emissions at ports.
  • Implementing strong labor provisions to protect dockworkers from automation, require a prevailing wage for installation work generated through grants, and encourage the use of union labor and local hiring.

“At a time when our country and economy will need to quickly bounce back from an economic recession, we cannot afford to miss opportunities to invest in reducing pollution while growing the availability of green employment opportunities for communities who need to work. Now is the time for us to harness the power of public investment to create the most public good through cleaner air and good jobs for disproportionately impacted communities in California and across the United States. Jobs to Move America commends Representative Barragán on this initiative and her commitment to ensuring good jobs and clean air go hand in hand,” said Abhilasha Bhola, California senior policy coordinator with Jobs to Move America.

Read more in the press release from Rep. Barragán’s office.

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