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Our mission is bold: we seek an economy where public goods do the most public good.

Our public dollars are our most powerful tool to shape a better future for workers. We combine strategic research, policy advocacy, and organizing to harness the power of our public dollars to create good jobs and healthy communities across the country.


JMA engages in research to shape the ideas and practices required to build an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economy, and to guide our policy advocacy and strategic organizing. Our teams engage in rigorous academic research that defines policy and decision-making around emerging industries like clean school buses. We also work with academic institutions to conduct comprehensive surveys of workers and communities that help illuminate the conditions in and around factories owned by global corporations that receive extensive public subsidies and contracts.

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Our campaigns advocate for policies on the local, state, and national levels to make sure that every public dollar invested in the economy contributes to creating good jobs and healthy communities while advancing racial and gender equity.

Good Jobs Policies

We advocate for policies that create good jobs and lift labor standards for workers across the country. Our signature good jobs and equity policy tool, the U.S. Employment Plan, has been used by cities and states across the country.

Climate Justice Policies

We work to weave good jobs language into climate policy, and have successfully advocated for an electric vehicles policy in California, shaped the Chicago Ready for 100 campaign, and are supporting the development of various other policies in New York and Chicago.

Transparency and Sunshine Policies

We advocate for transparency policies that give the public greater oversight over our public dollars. We are working to reshape sunshine policies in multiple states and developing innovative policy to require tech companies receiving public subsidies to commit to “purchasing for the common good” requirements and Technology Impact Assessments.


We put power back in the hands of workers and communities by organizing coalitions to win Community Benefits Agreements.

CBAs are legally binding commitments between coalitions and employers that guarantee living wages, apprenticeship programs, protections for workers’ right to organize, and race- and gender-based equity measures, including commitments to hire, train, and create access to jobs for people who face barriers to employment.

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JMA works with our coalitions to develop and implement training programs that create access to good manufacturing careers for people historically left out of the sector — women, people of color, and veterans among others.

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