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Jasmin Vargas

California Senior Organizer

Jasmin’s passion for climate justice started in 2005 when she first learned about climate change at a Radiohead concert. But she had been organizing long before that—she just didn’t know it yet.

Jasmin now has more than a decade of experience working in Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities building community and worker power. As an organizer in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, Jasmin has fought alongside labor and community leaders for climate and environmental justice. Following undergrad, Jasmin worked for Sierra Club, Communities for a Better Environment, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and, most recently, Food and Water Watch, where she built a powerful movement for climate justice, working toward 100% real clean energy by the year 2030 and a just transition. 

When Jasmin isn’t organizing, you can usually find her hiking in the woods, dancing at a concert or playing with her cats, Theia and Vergil.