Jobs to Move America
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In Illinois, city and state governments spend billions of public dollars every year to build roads, buses, bridges, and the public infrastructure that keeps the state and country running. Jobs to Move America is waging campaigns in Illinois to ensure that the benefits accrued by the companies receiving public funding result in good jobs and community benefits and a cleaner environment.

Our coalition organizes to win Community Benefits Agreements, build job pipelines, and support local and statewide policy holding companies that receive public support accountable. Our goal is to make sure our public dollars expand access to good jobs with family-sustaining wages in historically under-resourced neighborhoods.

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Big Ideas Community Benefits Agreements

Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) are legally enforceable agreements between private companies and coalitions of community and labor groups that are used to secure a wide range of job standards and equity measures.

Policy Tools U.S. Employment Plan

The U.S. Employment Plan (USEP) is our customizable, federally-approved policy tool that builds good jobs and equity into the public purchasing process.

Reports Transforming Transit, Realizing Opportunity

Through economic modeling and dozens of interviews with leaders from public transit agencies, environmental organizations, and community-based organizations, the report offers a suite of policy recommendations intended to enable agencies to center community health, climate solutions, and good job creation in their adoption of battery-electric bus technology and infrastructure.