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In Illinois, city and state governments spend billions of public dollars every year to build roads, buses, bridges, and the public infrastructure that keeps the state and country running. Jobs to Move America is waging campaigns in Illinois to ensure that the benefits accrued by the companies receiving public funding result in good jobs and community benefits and a cleaner environment.

Our coalition organizes to win Community Benefits Agreements, build job pipelines, and support local and statewide policy holding companies that receive public support accountable. Our goal is to make sure our public dollars expand access to good jobs with family-sustaining wages in historically under-resourced neighborhoods.

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Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA)

This state bill would commit Illinois to 100 percent clean energy. The bill includes our signature good jobs and equity policy.

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  • Climate Justice Policies

Chicago Ready for 100

Chicago is transitioning to 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2030 -- to get there, the city has also planned to create good jobs.

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  • Climate Justice Policies

Chicago Good Jobs Pipeline

Our community-labor coalition is developing a jobs pipeline to train Chicagoans facing barriers to employment for jobs at CRRC, a railcar manufacturer in Chicago.

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  • Workforce Equity Programs