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Lauren LaBorde

Senior Communications Specialist

Lauren LaBorde started her career as a writer and editor at an alternative newsweekly in New Orleans and since then has gained experience in a variety of communications roles. At the beginning of 2020, Lauren became a communications coordinator for the Democratize ComEd coalition, which aims to win a public energy utility in Chicago, severing ties from the private utility that values profit over people. This uncovered a passion for doing communications work in an advocacy setting and led her to JMA, an organization that also champions public goods. 

A proud Louisiana native, Lauren has seen first-hand the threat that climate change poses to vulnerable communities and is passionate about promoting a transition to green energy that centers workers. She also believes that unions are our main tool for empowering workers and healing the massive wealth divide in our country. 

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys exploring Chicago’s food and arts scenes, learning Spanish, weightlifting and whatever else is piquing her interest at the moment.