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Help shape a good jobs policy for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)!

The Chicago Transit Authority spends billions of our public dollars to purchase trains and buses from manufacturers. But, too often, the companies that receive our public money do not hire from communities most often denied good jobs. We believe that harnessing the power of our government spending can create wage jobs and a fair economy that works for all of us.

Last year, CTA made a strong commitment to adopt a good jobs policy. And because the Jobs to Move America coalition in Illinois made clear that CTA’s policy needs to be written with community input, the agency agreed to let our coalition propose a policy that reflects Chicagoans’ voices. That’s why we held a series of community forums this month: to involve local residents in shaping our proposal for a strong jobs policy at CTA.

We believe that people — CTA riders and Chicagoans — should have a direct say in how our public dollars are used to invest in public goods like transit.

In February, we hosted two forums, where we learned from participants about how we can ensure that CTA spends our public dollars in a way that creates family-sustaining jobs for people who face major barriers to good employment. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming Policy for the Public! forums in March.

The forums are open to everyone, especially if you’ve been unemployed, underemployed, or a participant in a jobs-training program. We will discuss how we can work together for a CTA policy that uplifts communities.

Join us!

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