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Watch the recording of our event from November 4 where we examine what it will take to unite labor rights and civil rights in the deep South

Randall L. Woodfin, Mayor of Birmingham
Sanchioni Butler, Political Campaign Organizer, MS AFL-CIO
Musical guest Kibibi Jones

Learn how Jobs to Move America is successfully combining research, policy and community organizing to build a new worker movement in Alabama and beyond.

Long written off as a region defined by segregation, oppression and white nationalism, the American South is facing a crossroads. Recent wins suggest that progress is possible—Georgia turning blue, community support of Amazon worker unionizing efforts—we are on the cusp of major, widespread change. But Georgia didn’t happen overnight; it was years in the making.

Jobs to Move America is at the forefront helping to lead this change; we are fighting to win community benefits agreements that improve workers’ rights, and we’re catalyzing a new generation of young organizers. Will you join us in this fight for true democracy in the South?


Manufacturing production and job growth in the American South remain higher than in other regions of the U.S., yet southern states still experience the highest poverty rates in the country. More than half of our nation’s Black population lives in the South, and Black workers in Alabama and Mississippi in particular suffer unlivable wages and persistent racism. 

Meanwhile, those states provide corporations with billions of dollars in public subsidies and tax incentives, with zero accountability to ensure that this influx in revenue actually benefits workers and local communities. These powerful companies are deeply invested in crushing labor organizing efforts, with Southern states seeing the lowest union membership in the country. 

It has never been a more critical time for government and corporations to be held accountable to their people. Black and Brown working families are facing even more systemic injustice and harm in the wake of climate disasters and global pandemics.  

Jobs to Move America is disrupting these systems and building power in the South. Through the formation and mobilization of the Alabama Coalition for Community Benefits, an alliance of labor, community, civil rights, faith, and environmental justice groups, we’re working to hold corporations accountable to workers and communities.

Our mission to transform public spending and corporate behavior is rooted in racial and economic justice and community organizing. Your support helps advance important research, pass progressive policy, and mobilize and empower communities for public good. Together, we can create a fair and prosperous economy with good, clean jobs and healthier communities for all.

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