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About our coalition

The Alabama Coalition for Community Benefits is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, faith, and environmental justice groups working to hold corporations that do business in the South accountable to workers and communities. 

What we’re fighting for

Erica Iheme, southern director at Jobs to Move America, speaks at a community rally in Bessemer in support of Amazon workers.

Right now, we’re organizing to win a national Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with bus maker New Flyer. A CBA would address workplace issues at New Flyer’s plant in Anniston, where workers have reported health and safety concerns, forced overtime, unpredictable schedules, racial and gender discrimination, and retaliation for speaking up. 

The Alabama Coalition for Community Benefits is also supporting the unionization drive of workers at the Amazon plant in Bessemer. Watch our video in solidarity with Amazon workers here.

What is a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)?

CBAs are legally enforceable agreements between companies and communities. CBAs can include all sorts of commitments, from wages and benefits to recruitment of marginalized groups like women and people of color and pre-apprenticeship programs. Learn more about CBAs here.

Why we do it

Manufacturing is making a comeback in Alabama and the deep South. 

But while the burgeoning sector has promised economic growth and the creation of jobs, there is also a catch: global companies are flocking to the South lured by huge government tax breaks, laxer labor laws, and pro-business, anti-worker policies. Alabama alone has granted approximately $8 billion in corporate subsidies over the past two decades. The result? Global corporations set up shop in Southern communities, making huge profits while giving workers the short end of the stick.

The Alabama Coalition for Community Benefits is organizing to ensure that workers and communities see real benefits from our government’s investment of public tax dollars in private corporations — and that companies that move in next door are good neighbors and good employers.

Who we are

Current coalition partners include:

A Better Balance
Alabama NAACP
Adelante Alabama Worker Center
Alabama Arise
Alabama Forward
Alabama Rivers Alliance

Communications Workers of America (CWA)
Jobs to Move America
Greater-Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution
Greater Birmingham Ministries

Hometown Action
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
United Auto Workers (UAW)
United Steelworkers (USW)

More about us

Erica Iheme talked to HuffPost about why our coalition’s fight for a CBA with New Flyer is related to the Amazon union drive. The New York Times mentioned our coalition in this story about the national significance of the Amazon union.

Check out this coverage of our community rally in solidarity with the Amazon drive.

We’ve been fighting New Flyer’s attempts to undermine our coalition with a “workforce development program” that’s little more than PR. Read our op-ed about it in the Anniston Star here and download Astroturfing Diversity, our in-depth report about New Flyer’s efforts here.

Download our Good Jobs Everywhere report about the conditions that workers at New Flyer’s Anniston plant face on the job.

Ready to join our fight?

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