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Build Local, Hire Local

The Build Local, Hire Local bill contains a comprehensive set of reforms to raise wages and labor standards, strengthen unions, invest in American manufacturing, create new opportunities for high-quality jobs, and strengthen communities.

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U.S. Employment Plan

The U.S. Employment Plan (USEP) is our customizable, federally-approved policy tool that builds good jobs and equity into the public purchasing process.

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Transparency and Sunshine Policies

Our public dollars are the most powerful tool we wield to shape a better, healthier, just future. Which is why transparency and accountability around how we spend our public dollars is critical.  Over the past twenty years, more governments have

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Worker-centered state climate policy in Illinois

Illinois is poised to pass comprehensive energy legislation in the upcoming 2021 session. Our Illinois team is organizing with environmental and labor coalitions to propose worker-centered policies that would ensure an equitable transition to 100% clean energy and transition the state's public vehicle fleets.

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