Jobs to Move America
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Our public dollars are the most powerful tool we wield to shape a better, healthier, just future. Which is why transparency and accountability around how we spend our public dollars is critical. 

Over the past twenty years, more governments have started to ask the companies bidding for public dollars to commit to creating good jobs as part of their contracts. This kind of public spending can be a real win all around – for workers, communities, and high-road businesses alike. 

But too often, the companies that win public contracts or economic incentive packages by promising to create good jobs fail to follow through on their commitments. Without access to this information, the public has no way to hold companies accountable to their promises. When this happens, it’s workers and communities who lose out. 

Jobs to Move America advocates for transparency through sunshine policies that ensure that the public has access to critical information about jobs promises and public incentives. 

Transparency and Sunshine Policies in Action

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