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California needs a worker-centered recovery that invests our public dollars in good jobs and healthier communities. Which is why we need to #PassSB749. Take action with us here.

California will soon invest millions of dollars into our state’s economy to recover from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

After the 2008 financial crisis, dozens of massive corporations received public stimulus dollars — only to create low-quality, gig economy jobs. We can’t repeat the same mistake.

A just recovery from the pandemic means public investments that create good jobs and healthy communities. But it’s not enough to simply ask corporations to create good jobs or pay family-sustaining wages. We need a way to hold all public contractors accountable to these commitments.

Here’s the problem: right now, California state law allows corporations that get public contracts or subsidies to hide information from the public about whether they follow through on these jobs promises.

All corporations have to do to skirt public accountability is claim that information about the jobs they create or the wages they pay is a “trade secret”. The result? California workers and communities miss out on some of the most important information we need to be able to demand accountability.

Which is why we’re reaching out to ask for your help supporting Senate Bill 749, a common-sense bill that would require jobs-related information in our public contracts to be made public record under the California Public Records Act.

This bill will make sure that we’re able to hold companies accountable to their promises on job creation — and get the most out of our recovery.

Will you send a letter to your state assembly member and ask them to support Senate Bill 749?

Click here to send a letter and call on your representative today!

Join the movement to #PassSB479 on Twitter!

Watch Abhilasha Bhola explain why California needs to #PassSB749

Abhilasha Bhola is a California Senior Policy Coordinator at Jobs to Move America.

Image: Joel Mott/Unsplash

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