Making Our Transit Dollars Go The Distance

Jobs to Move America coalition has developed a tool box of policy resources to encourage bus and train manufacturers and public transit agencies to make our transit dollars go the distance.  These policy tools and resources, beginning with the U.S. Employment Planencourage high standards for economic development outcomes of multimillion-dollar transportation manufacturing contracts, paid for with taxpayer funds.  

Contact Us

Jobs to Move America staff are available to provide support to transportation agency staff, counsel, and contract administrators. Please contact Erika Thi Patterson, National Policy Director, to explore potential application of policies to upcoming procurements:  Email: Phone: 213.358.6548 x 6548 

Resource Tool Boxes

Inclusive Public Procurement

Across the country, governments are united around common goals: create and retain high-quality, well-paying jobs; encourage long-term sustainable growth; and provide opportunities for people who have historically been excluded from the larger economy. States and regions are increasingly investing in public transportation—a signal of the importance of accessible mass transit to urban growth.

U.S. Employment Plan

The U.S. Employment Plan was developed by a team of experts from LAANE, the Brookings Institution, the University of Southern California’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Small Business Policy

Green for All, in collaboration with other members of the Jobs to Move America coalition, developed a policy framework to guide transit agencies in outreach to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs).

Workforce Development and Training Policy Resources

Creating pathways to opportunities for the American workforce, these are policies and programs that recruit, hire and train a diverse 21st century workforce in transit manufacturing or non-traditional roles.

Additional Information

More information on how Jobs to Move America encourages bus and train manufacturing companies to create good American jobs, when they receive multimillion-dollar contracts funded by taxpayers.