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Data Report on Future Transportation Workforce Needs

As America’s population grows, there is also a growth in transportation demand for moving both people and products. Transportation investments and policies can improve access to jobs, education, and goods movement, while providing construction and operations jobs. The choices that are made regarding transportation infrastructure can strengthen communities, create pathways to jobs, and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

While demand for transportation workers will vary by region, sub-sector, and occupation, these workforce changes will result in a large number of job openings for skilled and semi-skilled workers across the transportation sector over the next decade. The recruitment and training of new workers who will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and construction of the nation’s transportation infrastructure will be critical.

This collection and analysis of employment and skills data for the transportation industry is laid out in this report, “Strengthening Skills Training and Career Pathways across the Transportation Industry,” highlighting the future growth areas or employment “hot spots” in transportation by industry sub-sectors, occupations, career areas, and geographic areas. It also identifies high-demand jobs with good wages and analyzes the patterns in the education and work experience required for entry, as well as On-the-Job training required for new entrants to gain full competency.

A report compiled by the Department of Education, Department of Transportation, and Department of Labor.

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