Jobs to Move America
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This report from the Center for American Progress highlights the U.S. Employment Plan, our cornerstone good jobs and equity policy, as a key tool to create a good jobs future for the United States.

Specifically, the report recommends that the federal “government should require that public transit funds go to employers who demonstrate compliance with good jobs principles and require state and local recipients of high levels of funding to use a U.S. Employment Plan. These plans, which were developed by the Jobs to Move America coalition and approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2016, are a customizable tool to encourage companies competing for public rolling stock procurement contracts to disclose information on job creation, job quality, and plans to recruit and train historically marginalized workers. The U.S. Employment Plan model serves as a roadmap for how cities, states, and public agencies could build jobs and equity into their bidding processes. Finally, government authorities should commit to retraining public sector workers to operate and maintain EV buses, rather than contracting out those services.”

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