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Theo Figurasin

Senior Researcher

Theo Figurasin is a Senior Researcher supporting JMA’s California program. He has over a decade of experience building and implementing dozens of strategic campaigns. Prior to joining JMA, he worked in different capacities with the National Nurses United where he helped expand the national membership, built resilient member-run locals, forged campaign-based coalitions, and raised the standards for workers and community members in New York, California, the Midwest, and throughout the South.

Theo has a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Corporate Strategic Research Certificate from the Cornell University, Industrial and Labor Relations School. He also worked as a research assistant at Cornell’s Office of Labor Education Research where his work supported the report The Empirical Case of Streamlining the NLRB Certification Process. Outside of work, he likes to pursue musical interests, hike, and spend time with his daughter.