Across the country, governments are united around common goals: create and retain high-quality, well-paying jobs; encourage long-term sustainable growth; and provide opportunities for people who have historically been excluded from the larger economy. States and regions are increasingly investing in public transportation—a signal of the importance of accessible mass transit to urban growth.

Every year, federal, state, and local governments spend roughly $2 trillion on procurement. These dollars carry with them a tremendous opportunity to restructure the U.S. manufacturing sector and stimulate the American economy.

Toward this end, Jobs to Move America is building a policy toolbox to provide support for the adoption of Inclusive Public Procurement (IPP) strategies, particularly to create good jobs and business opportunities for disadvantaged groups, such as women and people of color. These IPP policies can be used by U.S. transit agencies to increase and enhance the quality and quantity of domestic jobs; encourage contractors to locate manufacturing facilities in the United States; and provide workforce development for disadvantaged and disenfranchised people. As this brief primer shows, IPP language can be applied consistently and comprehensively to projects all across the country.

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