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Our local governments work nonstop to keep cities and communities thriving — and more and more, city agencies are seeking new, inclusive ways to address historic inequities and help their residents achieve professional and economic success. Public procurement — the process that government agencies use to buy goods and services for public use — is a powerful pathway by which cities can confront racial and economic disparities while also encouraging the growth of women-owned and minority-owned businesses in their communities.

With input from municipal officials from seven cities in the South, we’ve created this infographic handout for agency officials, small business owners, and community members that explains how inclusive procurement can maximize economic, social, and environmental equity for communities. Transforming the procurement process so that all businesses can access local opportunities can help address systemic disparities and build prosperity for everyone.

Inclusive procurement is an approach to public purchasing that’s designed to maximize equitable economic, social , and environmental benefits for the communities that public agencies serve.

From the Power of Inclusive Procurement handout

Our deep thanks to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which provided generous support for this work. 

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