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Teto Héctor Huezo

California Director

Teto (Héctor) Huezo is the California Director at Jobs to Move America. He joined JMA as the California Organizer in 2016 and, with a coalition of labor, environmental, community, faith and workforce organizations, won commitments from Southern California transit agencies to transition their fleets to 100% zero-emissions by 2030; led the adoption of worker- and community-centered policies in public procurement contracts; and negotiated legally enforceable community benefits agreements with manufacturing companies that prioritized hiring, training and recruitment practices focused on supporting historically underrepresented and marginalized populations.

Prior to JMA, Teto spent a decade directing publicly funded employment and training programs across Southern California. The product of two Salvadoran immigrants and a lifelong Angeleno, Teto is the first of his family to earn and undergraduate and graduate degree and has dedicated his career and activism to leveling the playing field for working families to achieve a high quality of life, regardless of the systemic inequities that make that difficult for far too many.