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Have you heard of the “Alabama discount”?

Discussing findings from an Alabama A&M University report released this week about the impact of manufacturing industry on Alabama workers and communities, Scott Douglas of Greater Birmingham Ministries explained how global corporations are flocking South to take advantage of generous tax breaks and incentives while exploiting local workers and communities.

Whether you call it “high-tech Jim Crow” or the “Alabama Discount,” it’s why Greater Birmingham Ministries is part of our Alabama Coalition for Community Benefits, a group of local faith, civil rights, and workers rights’ leaders organizing to hold corporations in the South accountable. 

From the Amazon workers organizing a union in Bessemer to our coalition’s campaign for a Community Benefits Agreement with nearby bus manufacturer New Flyer, workers and communities are coming together to demand dignity and respect.

If you couldn’t join us live last week, catch up on the coverage:

“We are always stronger when we connect workers and community. Because after all, where do workers come from? Our communities,” said Douglas.

We wholeheartedly agree.

You can watch our Facebook livestream of last week’s press event here.

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