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California is poised to invest over $3 billion in zero-emission vehicles and related infrastructure over the next three years. As we invest in a greener, climate-proof future, we must ensure that that transition  creates good, family sustaining jobs in the process for our most marginalized communities. 

That’s why a coalition of community, labor, and environmental organizations have come  together to advocate for SB674, the California Jobs Plan Act. 

Here’s why The California Jobs Plan Act is a win for Californians:

  1. What is the California Jobs Plan Act?  This bill would require companies applying for public transportation-related contracts to submit a “California Jobs Plan” proposal as part of their application. The proposal would include specific commitments on job creation, wages, benefits, training, and targeted recruitment of  workers who face significant barriers to employment, such as formerly incarcerated people.  After a contract is awarded, the bill would require companies to report publicly on their follow-through on these commitments once a year, to ensure transparency and accountability. The bill would not impose any minimum commitments higher than those already mandated  by current law. 
  2. She’s got our back. SB674 is sponsored by Senator Maria Elena Durazo, a longtime community, labor, and immigrant rights activist. Thank you for sponsoring this bill, Senator!
  3. A proven track record. The California Jobs Plan Act is based on  JMA’s proven policy tool called the US Employment Plan. Since 2011, The USEP has been adopted by transit agencies across the country, creating thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector for historically marginalized communities.  Read more about the USEP here
  4. A race to the top. Our current process for awarding public contracts inherently rewards bad actors. Public agencies often only take quality and cost into consideration when comparing bids, incentivizing companies  to cut back on job quality to reduce costs . As a result, the companies who win public contracts are often the ones paying the lowest wages and benefits and outsourcing  jobs overseas. SB 674 shifts this framework and creates a race to the top by  rewarding employers who commit to doing more for workers and their communities. 
  5. A just recovery means lifting up communities hit hardest by the pandemic. People of color, women, and low-income communities have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic downturn. Increasing the wages, benefits and quality of jobs in California and creating access to these jobs for communities who have been historically excluded from meaningful employment such as people of color and women, will stimulate the economy by increasing local-community level spending.
  6. Investment in transportation promotes long-term job growth. Every $1 million invested in improving transportation via buses, trains, trucks and other types of passenger vehicles creates  nearly 21  jobs according to the PERI Institute. The California Jobs Plan Act will allow us to maximize our return on investment for our public spending. 
  7. No opposition and strong support. The California Jobs Plan Act had no registered opposition when it was voted off the Senate floor! And more than 30 organizations and coalition partners support the CAJP.
  8. Your voice matters. We need your help! If you want to ensure our transportation dollars create good jobs in California — and that we get the most out of every public dollar we spend — join us and send a letter to your Assemblyperson now!

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