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Current and former employees of New Flyer of America—the largest electric bus manufacturer in North America and a big supplier of buses for the CTA, MTA, and LA Metro— released a letter detailing racism and discrimination they experienced at work. The employees all identify as Black or Latino and work or worked at New Flyer’s plants in Anniston, Alabama and Ontario, California.

The letter comes four months after a survey study performed by Alabama A&M University found that Black employees in particular at New Flyer’s Anniston plant reported experiencing widespread racism and discrimination. The letter represents yet another window into the experiences of Black and brown employees at New Flyer of America and shines a light on the underside of the production process of the nation’s leading electric bus manufacturer.

Among the issues detailed in the letter:

  • Witnessing racist language, slurs, and symbols
  • Denial of advancement and leadership opportunities due to exclusion from a predominantly white “good old boys” network 
  • Earning less than white co-workers; and 
  • Retaliation for reporting discrimination 

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