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Shuh-Marraka Johnson

Senior Mississippi Researcher

Shuh-Marraka (Shu•MARR•uh•Kah) is a passionate and dedicated individual holding a Bachelor’s in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science, a Master’s in Hazardous Materials Management, and soon, a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Environment and Land Use, all from Thee Jackson State University.

A Mississippi Native, Shuh-Marraka is passionate about establishing adequate green spaces in minority neighborhoods, educating individuals on attaining and maintaining a sustainable environment, and increasing environmental responsibility in underserved areas affected by environmental health risks. Shuh- Marraka resonates with J. Cole’s words, “Give hope like fountains you throw pennies in.”

Beyond professional pursuits, Shuh-Marraka is an avid reader, TV watcher, music listener, and vacationer. She cherishes spending time with friends and family. Fascinated by the intricate world of insects, Shuh-Marraka aspires to become an entomologist hobbyist, continually learning and exploring how insects play an essential role in our world.