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Berenice Tompkins photo

Berenice Tompkins

New Jersey Campaign Organizer

Prior to joining Jobs to Move America, Berenice worked with the New Jersey Work Environment Council as a coalition organizer at the intersection of climate and worker justice. She has been involved in the youth climate movement since she was a teenager and believes that responding to the climate crisis presents a historic opportunity to transform our economy into one that centers justice and care for all people, all communities and our world.

Berenice’s activism has also brought her on three very long walks for climate justice—across the US, from Rome to Paris, and Rome to Poland. Before she started working as an organizer, Berenice served as an outreach worker with a shelter-based health clinic. Outside of her work with JMA, she is interested in helping communities and organizations respond to conflict in a way that supports transformation and healing, and she offers education and coaching on gender justice, consent and healthy relationships.