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Aliyah Shaikh

Community Organizer

Aliyah is a graduate of the International Studies program at California State University, Long Beach, with a geographical focus in the Middle East and North Africa (2017). During her undergraduate career, she was an active leader in the Muslim Student Association, founded the Interfaith Project, and began organizing and coalition-building with other social justice-oriented student organizations.

Since then, she has served as a research assistant in the Department of Sociology at Cal State Long Beach, studying trends in Muslim-American women’s activism, and as a coordinator helping to serve the refugee community in Orange County, CA.

Aliyah has roots in LA and Orange County. She cares deeply about decolonizing her worldview, and considers herself a transnational intersectional feminist, with particular interest in issues of imperialism, occupation, racial justice, and labor. She loves traveling, languages, coffee, books, film, and snowboarding in the winter.

Aliyah is very excited to contribute to JMA as their Community Organizer on the California Team, so that she can pursue her interests in the labor movement.