The Jobs to Move America coalition relies on rigorous research to inform our efforts to make our transit dollars go the distance.

All materials, resources and technical assistance associated with Jobs to Move America are considered “open source,” available to the public and transit agencies free of charge.

Jobs to Move America Research:

Paper: Harnessing Government Spending to Revitalize Good Manufacturing Jobs

Paper: ReaganvCities
Reagan vs. Cities: The 20th Century Battle Over South African Apartheid & Lessons For The Trump Era
(Direct Link to PDF 32MB)


Paper: PERI Study Cover Photo smallStrengthening U.S. Manufacturing Through Public Procurement Policies: How Procurement Policies Can Promote Innovation and Good Jobs

Policy highlights and summary


Paper: Creating U.S. Manufacturing Jobs: How “Buying American” Can Raise the Job-Creation Potential of Public Transit Investments








Paper: Public Transit 4Procurement: A National Initiative to Promote Economic Prosperity and to Unite Communities, Workers and Business










Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.47.07 PMPaper: U.S. Manufacture of Rail Vehicles for Intercity
Passenger Rail and Urban Transit, A Value Chain Analysis









Paper: Reviving U.S. Rail & Transit Industry: Investments and Job Creation











Paper: Make It In America: The Apollo Clean Transportation Manufacturing Action Plan