Linda Nguyen joined Jobs to Move America in 2010 as an intern and is now the deputy director of the organization.

Linda was part of the team that collaborated with the Brookings Institution, the University of Southern California and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on the development of the U.S. Employment Plan policy. She was the driving force behind the expansion of the organization’s work in Chicago and New York. Linda helped to lead the passage of the U.S. Employment Plan on a $1.3 billion transit project for the Chicago Transit Authority, in partnership with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Federation of Labor. She negotiated a landmark Community Benefits Agreement in Chicago, marking the first comprehensive jobs program of its kind in the transit industry that will result in the creation good jobs and pipelines for low-income communities of color in the region. Linda also led the adoption of the U.S. Employment Plan on the largest railcar purchase in the history of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Contact: | 213.358.6548