Five Arguments for American-Made Buses & How ‘The Atlantic Cities’ Got It Wrong
Huffington Post Transportation, Edward Wytkind, 12/27/2013

New Transportation Manufacturing Coalition Targets Job Creation for Veterans
Capital and Main / Democratic Underground, Rachele Huennekens, 12/13/2013

Chicago Transit Authority Tackles Racial Employment Disparity
TTD Blog, 11/9/2013

Which Transit Agencies Have Endeavored to Buy Local This Year?
MintPress News, Trisha Marczak, 11/1/2013

Transportation Labor Joins the Jobs to Move America Coalition
Next City, Bill Bradley, 11/1/2013

Money Train: A New Labor Movement Built Around Transit
TTD Blog, 10/29/2013

Chicago Transportation Plans Aim To Put Disadvantaged Back To Work
Next City, Nona Willis Aronowitz, 10/28/2013

Chicago Gets Rolling Towards Good American Jobs
MintPress News, Trisha Marczak, 10/23/2013

Today’s Headlines
Capital and Main, Rachele Huennekens, 10/22/2013

CTA will quietly nudge rail car bidders to hire Americans
Streetsblog Chicago, John Greenfield, 10/21/2013

IL: Chicago Transit Authority Asks Manufacturers of $2 Billion Rapid Transit Cars to Disclose American Jobs Plans for First Time
Chicago Tribune, Jon Hilkevitch, 10/20/2013

CTA asks project bidders to provide job creation info
Mass Transit magazine, 10/18/2013

Are American Transit Manufacturers Afraid of American Jobs?
Frying Pan News / Labors Edge, Rachele Huennekens, 10/11/2013

Op-ed: Md. must make sure transit investments create jobs here
Baltimore Sun, Scot Spencer, 9/18/2013

Op-ed: Thinking Outside Our Economic Box: How Transit Investments Can Get U.S. Manufacturing Moving Again
Huffington Post Green, Kim Freeman Brown, 8/30/2013

L.A. Story: The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy: a new model for American liberalism?”>

Op-ed: How the CTA can create city jobs
American Prospect, Harold Myerson, 8/6/2013

Chicago’s $2 Billion Decision: Will it Buy U.S.?
Chicago Sun-Times, Naomi Davis, 7/5/2013

Go Local, Labor Groups Tell Chicago Transit Authority
In These Times “Working” blog, Kari Lydersen, 6/21/2013

Labor Groups: Future CTA Rail Car Makers Must Disclose Local Job Details
Next City, Bill Bradley, 6/19/2013

Today’s Headlines
Progress Illinois, 6/18/2013

Groups call on CTA to require new rail car makers to detail future local jobs
Streetsblog Chicago, John Greenfield, 6/18/2013

Groups call on CTA to require new rail car makers to detail future local jobs
Chicago Tribune, John Hilkevitch, 6/17/2013

Groups call on CTA to require new rail car makers to detail future local jobs
Chicago Red Eye, 6/17/2013

Morning Transportation
Mass Transit Magazine, 6/17/2013

In Bid for New Buses, L.A. Demands American-Made
Politico, 6/17/2013

L.A. Bus Buy Creates New U.S. Jobs… Let’s Make Sure Other Cities Follow SuitOpEd:
Next City, Matt Bevilacqua, 2/21/2013

L.A.’s Lost Opportunity for Job Creation
Huffington Post Transportation, Linda Nguyen-Perez
Michelle Knapik, 2/20/2013

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