Hong Kong to L.A.: Reflections on Transit Transformation
Mass Transit, 12/10/2014

Congratulations to @EdWytkind for winning @LAANE’s “City of Justice Award.”
Capital and Main, Rachel Young, 12/10/2014

How Negotiators Erased Lines Drawn in the Sand to Create Jobs
Streetsblog LA, Streetsblog LA, 12/10/2014

Rail-car manufacturing workers claim unsafe conditions: Workers at rail-car plant say they lack basic safety equipment.
Capital and Main, Jim Crogan, 12/6/2014

Complaints Claim Unsafe Conditions At Nippon Sharyo
Chicago Tribune, By Alejandra Cancino, 11/10/2014

Worker Advocates Protest ‘Unsafe’ Conditions At Nippon Sharyo Rail Car Manufacturing Factory
WNIJ-FM (NPR DeKalb), By JENNA DOOLEY, 11/10/2014

DIGGING DEEPER: Workers protest ‘unsafe’ conditions at Rochelle’s Nippon Sharyo plant
Progress Illinos, Ellyn Fortino, 11/10/2014

Good jobs no longer an afterthought in awarding lavish transit contracts: Jobs to Move America program scores transportation bids based on hiring and training of US workers
WBEZ-FM, Chip Mitchell, 11/10/2014

Should federal transport spending take job creation into account?
Al Jazeera America, Haya El Nasser, 10/21/2014

CTA seeks more bids for new rail cars: Manufacturers from around the world are being invited to submit proposals for up to 846 new cars, to be called the 7000 Series, the CTA said
My Parking Sign, Cielo Lutino, 10/16/2014

Community Organizing: Making it Real, from L.A. to East St. Louis
Chicago Tribune/Red Eye Chicago, Jon Hilkevitch, 10/15/2014

Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President for Policy, Center for Neighborhood Technology joins Rick to talk about creating jobs and rebuilding our nation with an eye toward tomorrow, it just takes a vision today.
Capital and Main, Rachel Young, 10/14/2014

New Buses and Trains Could Put 53,000 Americans to Work
Rick Smith Show, Rick Smith, 10/13/2014

Sidestepping the Lowest Bidder: Procurement officers are adding job creation criteria when seeking bids for infrastructure projects.
Nation Swell, Courtney Subramanian, 10/8/2014

TODAY 3:23pET: #TransportationThursday w/@EdWytkind @TTDAFLCIO discussing #Transit #Jobs & @JobsMoveAmerica LISTEN:
National Journal, Fawn Johnson, 10/6/2014

Experts Say ‘Good Jobs Are No Longer an Afterthought’ in Transportation Spending
Revolution Radio Network, Jeff Santos, 10/3/2014

Carper keynotes symposium — Crudy by rail comments keep coming — Petri investigation ongoing — White House adviser talks transpo
Metro magazine, Metro magazine, 10/3/2014

Experts Declare ‘Good Jobs Are No Longer an Afterthought’ in Transportation Spending
POLITICO Morning Transportation, POLITICO, 10/1/2014

Map Shows the Transportation Agencies Buying Buses and Trains
Mass Transit, Mass Transit, 10/1/2014

New Map Is a Guide to Transit-Fueled Jobs
Planetizen, James Brasuell, 10/1/2014

Next City, Next City, 9/30/2014

Tactful Communications Yields Political Results
Rick Smith Show, Rick Smith, 9/30/2014

Ohio AFL-CIO Takes Steps to Ensure America’s Tax Dollars Support Good Middle-Class Jobs
Mass Transit, Joe Petrie, 9/22/2014

In Chicago, New Trains and Job Growth
AFL-CIO NOW, Michael Gillis, 9/17/2014

Chicago’s Game-Changing American Jobs Plan
IBEW blog, Alexander Hogan, 8/1/2014

CTA restarts subway train procurement
TTD Blog, Ed Wytkind, 7/31/2014

Chicago Rail Car Bidders Must File U.S. Jobs Plan
Global Rail News, 7/28/2014

Chicago $2 Billion Railcar Buy Includes ‘U.S. Employment Plan’, Up To 20,000 Jobs
AFL-CIO NOW blog, Mike Hall, 7/28/2014

Chicago to restart metro car tender
Workers Independent News, Doug Cunningham, 7/25/2014

POLITICO Morning Transportation
Railway Gazette International, 7/25/2014

mislabeled “The Rick Smith Show 7-5-2014, it should be 7-25, interviewed Jorge Ramirez, runs from 01:03:45 – 01:19:29
POLITICO Morning Transportation, 7/25/2014

CTA, unions launch ‘Build Chicago’ initiative for rail-car procurement
Rick Smith Show, Rick Smith, 7/25/2014

Chicago to restart tender for 7000 series trains
Progressive Railroading, Angela Cotey, 7/25/2014

IL: Chicago Transit Authority Restarts $2 Billion Rail Car Procurement with Strong Manufacturing Job-Creating Approach
International Railway Journal/Railway Age, Keith Barrow, 7/25/2014

Chicago Transit Authority Plan Would Create Thousands of Jobs
Mass Transit, Joe Petrie, 7/25/2014

Chicago Transit Authority looking to create jobs via $2 billion rail car project
Monster.com, Robert Fucci, 7/25/2014

Press Release: Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Transit Authority And Chicago Federation Of Labor Launch Groundbreaking “Build Chicago” Partnership To Encourage Job Growth
Chicago Business Journal, Louis Lazare, 7/24/2014

A Simple Message That Anyone Who Really Cares About The Middle Class Can Appreciate
City of Chicago, 7/24/2014

Netroots Nation in Detroit: The Art of War and the War of Art
Upworthy, Maz Ali, 7/23/2014

How We Can Create Jobs by Investing in Transit, Explained in Pictures
Capital and Main, Rachele Huennekens, 7/22/2014

Coming Home to Detroit for Netroots Nation
Public CEO, Ariella Cohen, 7/22/2014

Cartoon Tuesday: Transit = Jobs
Capital and Main, Rachele Huennekens, 7/17/2014

How We Can Create Jobs by Investing in Transit, Explained in Pictures
Next City, Ariella Cohen, 7/2/2014

How We Can Create Jobs by Investing in Transit, Explained in Pictures
Streetsblog, Damien Newton, 7/15/2014

Jobs coalition urges Amtrak, California authority to continue high-speed rail commitment
Next City, Ariella Cohen, 7/2/2014

Friend or foe? Jury out on majority leader’s value to Valley
Progressive Railroading, 6/26/2014

CA: Jobs to Move America Coalition Statement on Cancellation of Amtrak and California High Speed Rail Authority Joint Request for Proposals
Stockton Record Columnist, Michael Fitzgerald, 6/25/2014

Op-Ed High-speed job creation for California
Mass Transit, 6/24/2014

Los Angeles Times, Madeline Janis, 6/23/2014

Manufacturing the American Dream
Compass Blog (Sierra Club), Rachel Butler, 6/19/2014

Not a Skills Gap but a Quality Job Gap: We Need a Business and Worker-Focused Strategy.
Capital and Main, Rachele Huennekens, 6/17/2014

Not a Skills Gap but a Quality Job Gap: We Need a Business and Worker-Focused Strategy.
The Catalyst: Ideas and Insights from Living Cities (blog), José Garcia, 5/13/2014
MORE Magazine’s 4th Annual Fierce List: 50 Inspiring Women
MORE Magazine, 5/1/2014

Teachable Moment: Manufacturers Bidding for Amtrak and California High-Speed Trains Should Make Real Investment in American Jobs
MORE Magazine, 5/1/2014

Chinese Investment in Lancaster Reaches Milestone with E-Bus Plant
Mass Transit magazine, Rudy Gonzalves, 4/29/2014

Where to Turn If You Want to Make American-Made Amtrak Trains
NBC 4 Los Angeles, Patrick Healy, 4/28/2014

U.S. workforce development webinar educates railcar manufacturers
Next City, Bill Bradley, 4/9/2014

CA: Coalition Hosts Webinar and Launches Website to Provide Resources for Manufacturers, Rail Experts, and Advocates
Metro magazine, Metro magazine, 4/9/2014

AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Daily Transportation Update
Mass Transit, Mass Transit, 4/8/2014

Jobs to Move America offers assistance on Amtrak trainset RFP
AASHTO Daily Transportation Update, AASHTO Daily Transportation Update, 4/8/2014

Jobs, transit and American communities
Railway Age, William C. Vantuono, 4/8/2014

Amtrak and CHSRA seek job-creation strategy from high-speed train manufacturers
The Hill– Congress Blog, Anastasia Christman, 3/6/2014

A Manufacturing Pulse Beat in the Heartland
Progressive Railroading, Angela Cotey, 3/4/2014

Five Policy Prescriptions for Transportation Job Creation and Growth
Capital and Main, LA Progressive, Rachele Huennekens, 3/3/2014

Amtrak wins praise for ‘American jobs’ request in contracts
Capital and Main, Zoe Lipman, 2/18/2014

DC: Amtrak Encourages American Job Creation from High-Speed Rail Car Manufacturers
The Hill, Keith Liang, 2/4/2014

President Obama: The Solution to Unprecedented Inequality is Good Jobs and Opportunities for the Disadvantaged
Mass Transit, Rachele Huennekens, 2/3/2014

CTA nears deal on more than 800 new rail cars
Huffington Post, Madeline Janis, 1/28/2014

Calif. high-speed rail authority, Amtrak seek joint bids for trains to run on high-speed lines
Chicago Tribune, Jon Hilkevitch, 1/27/2014

Mass Transit, Buy America, and the Economy
Associated Press, AssociatedPress, 1/24/2014

A Modern-Day War On Poverty Needs New Tools. Why Not Make Them In the U.S.?
National Journal, Fawn Johnson, 1/13/2014

Creating Jobs through Public Transit Investments
Next City, Bill Bradley, 1/8/2014

Unions battle “Scrooge” Congress on transportation needs
Surdna News, Geroge Soule, 1/8/2014

Rejecting Scrooge-Like Transportation Budgets in 2014
People’s Weekly World, Press Associates, 1/2/2014

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