Electric Buses = More, Good Union Jobs for Low-Income Californians
BlueGreen Alliance, Ross Nakasone, 7/25/17

BYD’s Hiring Pledge Could Charge Up MTA Bus Deal
LA Business Journal, Shwanika Narayan, 7/21/2017

Op-Ed: Metro electric buses could deliver for workers as well as environment: Guest commentary
LA Daily News, Erika Thi Patterson and Evan Gillespie, 7/20/2017

Jobs to Move America Electric Bus Deal: Good Union Jobs, Community & Environmental Benefits
Workers Independent News, Doug Cunningham, 7/19/2017

WIN Labor Report Audio: July 20, 2017
Workers Independent News, Doug Cunningham, 7/19/2017

BYD: Labor and Community Groups Sign Agreement with BYD in Los Angeles
4-traders, 7/19/2017

Labor and Community Groups Sign Agreement with BYD in Los Angeles
Mass Transit Magazine, 7/18/2017

BYD commits to hiring from communities facing significant barriers to employment
Metro Magazine, 7/18/2017

BYD cooperates with community unions to contribute to the community
21usCity.com, 7/18/2017

BYD Motors Signs Community Benefits Agreement with Local 105 and JMA
SMART Local 105, A. Gonzales, 7/18/2017

Lancaster Factory Employment Opportunity
Telemundo, 7/17/2017

The Great Los Angeles Revolt Against Cars
American Prospect, David Dayen, 7/17/2017

BYD Aims To Boost Job Opportunities In Lancaster
Socal Tech, 7/17/2017

BYD Signs Jobs Agreement at Lancaster Plant
San Fernando Valley Business Journal, Mark Madler, 7/17/2017

BYD wants to make more buses in the US
CNBC, 7/17/2017

Can Trump Succeed Where Reagan Failed?
American Prospect, Gabrielle Gurley, 6/30/2017

Reagan Vs. Cities: The Battle Over South African Apartheid and Lessons for the Trump Era
Exposed by CMD, Editors, 6/28/2017

Applying Lessons from Anti-Apartheid Era to Today
Keeping up with Sonali, Interview, 6/22/2017

A New Divestment Movement Against Trump Gears Up
CityLab, Brentin Mock, 6/21/2017

The Century Foundation on Why Manufacturing Jobs are Worth Saving
Alliance for American Manufacturing, K. Demirag, E. Maddox, M. Salrin, 6/15/2017

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