Jobs to Move America is a common sense policy that leverages public transportation investments to benefit all – business, workers, and community. It will help lay down the tracks for a more prosperous and sustainable future.
Jobs to Move America’s U.S. Employment Plan gives transit officials the tools they need to make sure public transportation dollars go to fund critical projects and good jobs. Rebuilding America’s transit can also be an opportunity to rebuild the nation’s middle class when we make sure that rail cars, trolleys, and other rolling stock are made by workers in the United States, employed by responsible manufacturers. The Jobs to Move America plan is a smart way to bring community members, policymakers, transit officials, manufacturers, and workers together to get our country moving toward a real economic recovery.
Christine Owens, Executive Director, The National Employment Law Project (NELP)

The U.S. Employment Plan policy tools were developed by a team of academic experts, from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.  The Brookings Institution subsequently convened an academic advisory panel to review and give input into the policy documents from University of Illinois, Chicago and University of Missouri, St. Louis.

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